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Friday, 18 May 2007

The SATS are over!!!

Poor little children, aka Jack and Harry have been having their Sats tests and they are finally OVER

Will not know results for a while but as long as they have tried their hardest thats all that matters is what I have told them, Harry is 11 and is in final year of primary school and Jack is 14 and in year 9 of high school...I think too much pressure is put on the children regarding these tests...but hey I am only a mum, what do I know!!!

Crazy Photo Warning

Bit of chill out time...

...was chatting with the kids and telling a story of when I and my brother had stuck marshmallows on jacks head when he was about 2, we were young and foolish is all I will say!!! and the kids decided to do the same with fruit gums...funny piccies begging to be scrapped!!!

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