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Tuesday, 29 May 2007


...Yep buttons...

Convinced Harry and Ella this morning to sort out my buttons, I got two packs of those gorgous little glass jars from IKEA, they are supposed to be salt and pepper pots but they are similar in shape to the Prima got flowers bottles. These little jars are a bargain at 75p for two!!!

Anyway ... Colour c0-ordination...Tipped all the buttons out into my new wooden tray and the little darlings sorted through them all, blue buttons in one jar, pink in another...you get my drift. Harry and Ella did a fantastic job and then went on to sort out my ribbons too.
Wanted to post piccies of the little buttons in their new homes but my camera battery has just died!!!
After they finished sorting through my craft stash, I had meanwhile been sorting out our wardrobes, we all went to the charity clothes reycling thingy and threw in all our old clothes, and had a wonderful conversation on the way (we walked each carring a bag full) about how lucky we were to be able to afford new clothes and shoes and how some people have to rely on charities for their clothes ...the innocence of children is so amazing...So they all feel like they have done their bit for charity today and I have a tidy wardrobes.

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