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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Snail Tails!!!

Mia is babysitting a snail for a friend!!!

Not just any snail but a Giant African Land Snail called Wolverine...technically that should therefore be called Snail-sitting then!!!

I hit upon the really great idea yesterday, whilst Mia was sobbing her little eyes out in the school playground after two weeks off school, to let her take her snail into school today...sometimes I wonder if my sanity is all there...so walking Mia to school this morning with a fish tank under my arm containing Wolverine...can you picture it!!!

Anyway Wolverine seems to have had a great day at school, all the children either held him or stroked his shell...Mias teacher however declined to have a snail trail left in her palm...!!!

Will post some pictures soon of just how big he is!!!

Managed another card over the last few days, did this one in dribs and drabs...starting Saturday!!! Saw the idea at a Demo and wanted to have a go at the design myself, and again I have used my little Gorjuss stamp, I am never going to get tired of these stamps.

Off now to Google my "homework"...honestly that's what our tutor said last week, to quote him..."Google, Copy and Paste"...I am loving student life!!!

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