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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Its been a while....

...Since I blogged...Sorry!!!

Got a lot on with work and being a student you know ;-)...so much that I have a 2000 word essay that needs to be handed in on Wednesday...ARGHH!!!

So yesterday like a good student...not...I worked....was over in Lancaster for the day demonstrating, had a lovely time, met some lovely people and even got cream cakes too mmm mmm, I didn`t even do my homework on the train, on the way there I read my book and on the way home I struggled very hard to stay awake, luckily for me I did as the last stop after Warrington is London Euston...I think that might have taken some explaining back home ;-), thank goodness for the guy with the bottle of fizzy pop behind me that woke me up!!!

Got home last night about 6.15 last night and then left again about 6.20 as I was doing the photos for a friend at her Wedding reception, have just finished editing them and am going to deliver them shortly, but I know she won`t mind me sharing this one...

...I just love how much love is in that picture without even seeing their faces...beautiful!

Kim and Aggie haven`t been round all week to clean my house, bloody dire I tell you, even the Housework Fairies are on strike too, although I did leave Harry a little note yesterday mentioning a certain electrical appliance known as the hoover and a carefully selected piece of material also known as the duster...and blow me down he actually did it...the hoovering and dusting...the power of the written word!!!

So I have spent this afternoon creating this for a friends birthday in a few weeks...shhh its a secret...

Off now to rescue my chicken from the oven and to bang in some roast potatoes...mmm I love Sundays!!!

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