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Sunday, 13 June 2010

I did it...

Finally managed to upload some pictures...how...well after a palaver of old cameras and leads I found a usb lead that links my camera directly to the computer...Yeah me...well yeah Dad really who arrived this morning like an extra from Jessops!!!

So while England were playing a little game with a ball last night...I was listening to it...honest...I just didn`t have my face painted or have a flag wrapped round me...I made this with my brand new Gorjuss girl stamp...

I am loving the purple and green colour scheme at the moment, really fresh and funky.

These are a couple of the vintage style layouts I have completed, the photographs were my Nans, when she passed away I inherited her photo album, unfortunately it was one of those with the adhesive film that hold the pictures in place...a scrapbookers nightmare because the colour fades so much, and although it really upset me to have to remove all the photos from the album, because my Nan had lovingly put them all in there, they are now safely stored in an acid free box.

Now I have early evidence that I love to talk on the phone.... just check out that sexy Trimphone...My Nan only ever used the phone after 6pm and on Sundays...oh how times have changed.

In my Nan and Grandads garden with my Nan...

Just a couple of projects I have been playing around with...baby bunting and shoes in a box...complete with socks...

Made the template for the shoes myself after seeing similar ones, I think in future I will just buy them...took about three attempts before I got a left and a right shoe...for a while I thought I was going to have two left feet!!!

Got a busy week ahead...so not sure if the blog will get the attention it deserves, have cut down on my evening classes though but have three nights out this week planned, not been out for months then three nights out come in one week...bit like buses huh!!!

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