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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Guess who`s back....

Hello People...did you miss me?

I have been a terrible blogger this year so far so a big sorry to my regular readers who find a little time every day to nip on here and read my waffle...I promise more waffle more regularly and maybe a few crafty bits and bobs thrown in for good measure!!!

Had my first demo of the year on Friday over at Inspirations by Cardcraft Plus in Preston, I met some Fabulous Funny and downright zany people...I was in good company there then, and had just the best day, everyone is so friendly in Preston and the new shop is absolutely beautiful, filled with such lushness that I had to sit with my blinkers on for fear of returning home completely bankrupt, pay it a visit if you are in the area...or just go for the day...there is a Ben and Jerry's just around the corner ;-).

So I will be teaching over in Preston on the 14th April, running my first independent jewellery making class...How exciting is that. I even have the sample ready, now that is just far too organised for me and I mustn`t let that happen too often!!!

Been making a few bits of arm candy, a friend and I are planning on doing a craft fair also in April so thought I had better build some stock up...

I made this last week too, I got the idea from the Crafting Springtime gifts book I bought a couple of years ago that has been collecting dust on my bookshelf ever since...along with the Sew Pretty and Crafting Christmas gifts from the same range, have to think of a name for her because Mia thinks she needs a little name plate and I agree that would be pretty cute.

Talking of Mia, she had her hair cut last week...ten inches...yes I have the lock of hair to prove it no decent photograph yet...although took these yesterday on my Blackberry...look sunshine, real sunshine...No coats, no hats, no scarves or gloves....a lovely spring day...

and look at the little guy!!!

He is growing daily...and eating me out of house and home...the little guy turned 14 this week...and has a meeting at school next week to discuss what GCSE options he wants to take...Do they have GCSE`s in eating and playing football,

Okay off now to do some scrapbooking, still got a pile of "snowy" pictures to work through...pretty much like the rest of the population of Britain I imagine...!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back. Loving the white bracelet especially - may just have to "bracelet lift" that one and ask my daughter if she can do a similar one for me (she's the jewellery maker in the family) :-D HeyJude!

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Ooooooh! love your arm candy!
I am sure that you will sell loads!