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Saturday, 17 July 2010


Its so Quiet.....!!!

Kids are all out but all due to return very soon, crashing through the front door quite possibly full of vigour and energy when I am trying to chill, always the way huh!!!

I have finally relented and been out with Ella today and bought...Hair Dye...is 12 too young to start dying your hair?...hmmm, when she is almost as tall as me it seems to be getting harder and harder to argue with her, I have convinced her that black like mine is probably not a good idea for the first time so we selected a rather scrumptious chocolate brown...wish me luck!!!

The main reason I relented is that she has just completed her first year in High School and despite all the phone calls home regarding the length of her trousers...I KNOW...apparently three quarter trousers, very sensibly teamed with thick black tights and sensible shoes are deemed inappropriate school wear!!! Anyway she bought her school report home yesterday...dum dum dum dum....and its fantastic...and I knew after reading the first page it would cost me so hence the agreeing to the hair dye, she has proven that she can be responsible and mature at school setting a high example of how a young lady should behave so I could hardly say no could I?

Had the strangest week this week, all my classes are finishing up now until September, have two more next week then I am off for the summer, top up tan time...if it ever stops raining, I am over at CardCraft Plus on Wednesday though in Preston running a Jewellery Class and in Chorley on Saturday running a Kars Demo, I have several card and jewellery commissions to do too so I really should be working...however its Saturday and I want to chill out with chocolate and chilli heatwave crisp...not together of course...hmm but then again!!!

So its the end of the school year on Tuesday...TUESDAY what an insane day to finish school, luckily as there is only Mia left in Primary school I only have one teachers gift to sort out...and organised or what its sorted...Altered coffee jar with some yummmm....believe me they are...cappuccinos inside:

And created this layout of my Nan last week, have spoke about her an awful lot lately it seems so it seemed fitting to scrapbook this beautiful photograph of her looking immaculately glamorous...

I miss her more than I ever thought I would, I would love to chat to her about all the things my kids get up to and listen to her laugh at the latest drama I was dealing with.

Off now to Internet shop...I need some new stamps I think!!!

1 comment:

denise cassell said...

i know the feeling last day for mine is tuesday too, and then kai starts school in september . scary eh?