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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sunday...The day of rest!!!

When I got up this morning I had every intention of not doing an awful lot today...Sunday after all is the day of rest!!!

Then I had this hairbrained idea of sorting out all my craft stuff as I have bought quite a bit of new stuff lately and finding homes for everything is getting impossible, plus it takes me ages to find anything and I have that..."I know I have got it but I am not sure where I put it" syndrome!

Anyway I started at 11.30 this morning and finally finished at 5.30pm...and I still have not done it all!!!

I think I am on a spending ban at the moment because I did find an awful lot of stuff that I had forgotton I had and some projects that are only half finished.

Anyway I have listed some of my bits on Ebay...thought that I may as well try and make a bit of money from all my hard work:)...may even make enough for some new bits!!!

I am off now for a rest...I am worn out...Day of rest!!!

1 comment:

Hazel said...

It's good to have a sort out. The trouble is that I always seem to be doing it!