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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What's on your workdesk wednesday

Okay posting this from my iPhone so hope it works.
Julie has her weekly workspace up and here's what's on my work space today...

It's a new notebook, for my new online course that starts at the end of this month, hosted by Christy Tomlinson, we have our own secret...yep secret, Facebook page and there are weekly journalling exercises that we have to complete before the course starts. So far I've bought my notebook and printed out the exercises, not bad for me!!!

Off to work now will have a nosy round some desks when I get back :-)
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BumbleVee said...

hahaha... how cheeky. A secret page. but, what fun...


Karen said...

Love the notebook! I hope you have fun and enjoy your new course :)

Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #12

Claire said...

how fun! hope you enjoy the course and have a fun week :)

Hazel said...

The online course sounds interesting - I'm sure you'll enjoy it - looks as if you're getting well organised - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

Amanda said...

Love the notebook very retro. Hugs, Amanda #123

Redanne said...

Loiving the idea of a secret page, have fun doing the course. Anne x #44

trisha too said...

NICE notebook!


Queen Of Toys said...

Dont you love your iphone, I love mine they are so handy to have, do anything anywhere. Love the journaling idea, (secret page) and what a lovely notebook. Thanks for sharing.

Eliza #19