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Friday, 18 May 2012

What's on your work desk Wednesday (erm Friday!!!)

So this is a little bit late but I always say better late than never, I've had dreadful insomnia this week and probably should have blogged during the many early hours I have seen but caught up with paperwork and lesson planning instead...sad I know but now I have a whole three day weekend off...woo hoo!!!

So although it's Friday I did take this picture Wednesday...honest...

So you can see my registers...now all sorted along with learning evaluations too, there's a pile of fabric I used in my cupcake canvas class, the White boxes at the top left are glass paints and pride of place my giant cup and saucer filled with Alta Rica...only the best coffee in the world!!!

It's all tidy now...ready for a weekend of playing with all my port sunlight goodies that have been teasing me all week!!!

Have a great weekend everyone

Take care
Est xx
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Redanne said...

Your desk does look nice and tidy but once you get your PS goodies out, I dread to think! (lol) I am going to be playing with my goodies too, can't wait. Good that you have a nice long weekend to play. Anne x

Laura said...

Aren't you good -- getting work done even in the company of new "toys"! You've earned some crafty time this weekend -- hope you have a blast. Happy WOYWW from Laura #117

Mary said...

Now aren't you the organized one. I hope you didn't look at my desk, it looks like it was hit with a big wind. I snooped around your blog, very nice creations. I was late posting too....sometimes life just gets in the way of posting. Have a great week. Mary #171

Julia Dunnit said...

Insomnia Est, is just about the worst thing that could befall me, I am hopeless, useless and scarey without sleep, I so admire that you just get on with it, and hope it leaves you soon. Can't agee more abou the Alta Rica, and I love the cup and saucer! Hope you're enjoying the middle of your weekend.