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Friday, 30 May 2008

Couldn`t Sleep Last Night!!!

Yep the dreaded Insomnia seems to have returned so rather than listening to dearest OH quietly slumbering in his dreamfilled state!!!! I went downstairs and played about with a layout.

I had been sorting through some magazines the other day, from 2006 I think, and I found this gorgeous layout by Kirsty Wiseman in my favourite colour combo, so I cut it out for future reference...
...anyway after a play around and using Kirsty`s layout as inspiration I came up with this, which hasn`t scanned too well because of the big buttons on it! But it is one of very few pictures I have of Mia and I together when she was a baby, can you tell it is usually me behind the camera!!!
Thanks for looking xxx


Kirsty Wiseman said...

omg - your layout is way better than mine :)
Thanks for loving it as much as I do.
Ooooh i see you are in warington, thats only like 3 minutes from here xx

Lisa said...

Love it Est : )
lis x