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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Hair Today ...

Had all my hair cut off today...It wasn`t incredibly long a bit below my shoulders but it is now quite short and very funky looking...will post a piccie as soon as I have one.

I went to Liverpool, shopping yesterday...not Chrimbo shopping, just spent my christmas money, got a bit off the in laws and a bonus from work too!!! Anyway hit Pimark like a woman possessed and am now the proud owner of three new jumpers an new pair of skinny jeans, loads of nice new undies and a couple of necklaces...all for the bargain price of £30...I love Primark!

I have almost finished Christmas preparations, just got a couple of gifts to wrap and the food shop to do but that will have to wait as tomorrow I am taking my boys ice skating!!!

Hope everyone is not too streesed out by all the festive planning have a good Christmas everyone...xxxxx

1 comment:

Hazel said...

You did well in Primark! Look forward to seeing the new hairdo!