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Friday, 7 September 2007

Sorry for being a bad blogger...

...I do have a very good excuse though...

My PC has been VERY poorly sick!!!
Rams are poor, memory is bordering on dementia and I really need to update...Hopefully all will be resolved on Sunday, have been temorarily sorted but could go caput any minute!!!
So although I have lots of crafty pieces to show you I really don`t want to upload anything to the PC at the moment in case it goes BANG...tis such a shame because I have probably had the most productive week...have cards, layouts and jewellery to share but you will have to make do with my photography skills from last week ... uploaded these to PC then it decided to Die on me for a few days!!! Must have either been the sheer skill of my photography (which I doubt) or the pure beauty of my subjects!
Harry looking mega cool

Ella-Rose looking very beautiful

Pretty little Mia

God these kids are getting good at posing for Mummy`s scrapbook photographs!!!


Hazel said...

Great photos. Sorry about the pc - my main laptop died completely recently - very annoying - still trying to get used to getting everything on to the replacement (which, of course, is now vista, so involved downloading new drivers for printer etc. Hope you get it back and running OK

Sadie B said...

These photos are lovely.
Hope you PC gets better soon, although it is amazing what you can acheieve when you are not blogging and chatting on forums isn't it.

pink-petal-designs said...

lovely pics. I am just reading the marshmellows for breakfast book, i loved her last one too.
Sarah x