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Saturday, 22 September 2007

Made a Spectacle of myself!!!

Not literally...luckily...
but I have been suffering from awful headaches recently that have really interfered and affected with my day to day life...especially my crafting as you may have noticed!!!

Anyway went to get my eyes tested last week and I have to wear specs...so I chose the funkiest ones I could and this is me modelling them for an impromptu photo shoot by Mia...age 6

I have been busy crafty wise over the last few weeks but it is all design team projects I have been working on so I can`t share anything with you yet!!!

Watch this space for some cards, layouts and mini books over the next week or so!!!


Melissa said...


Dollydimps said...

Your specs are well cool! Hope that's an end to your headaches.
Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on

Hazel said...

The specs look good - hope they help so you don't get those headaches. Look forward to seeing some of your crafty designs when you can show them.

Montysmum said...

Cant wait to see those designs that are top secret! Great Glasses

Jackie said...

Fab specs!