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Monday, 25 October 2010

Its been a while...

Since I blogged last, I know and to all those who have complained to me about my obvious neglect for my blog and the witterings I post I am sorry....I`ve had a mammoth timetable for the College and every weekend I have been tied up with Demos for Kars...I do have two weeks off from College though so expect some blogging...so much so I will probably bore you to death!!!

I have completed so many crafty projects over the last...hmmm is it really a month since I blogged last...I know it`s longer because I have done a term at work without a blog post...WOW that's just Lazy-Est!!!

Anyway without boring you with the rant about Uniform Policy at Ella and Harry`s school...!!! And how we have had Ofsted inspecting at work, and how I have loved teaching this term so much and how fabulous all my Demos have been.....WAKE UP...I have had a pretty good month.

I am demonstrating and teaching Pink Make and Take Jewellery at Cardcraft Plus on Friday...Come along if you can make it...but be warned there will be a lot of pink about.

I am also demonstrating the new Slice Elite on Saturday over in Frodsham at Crab Apple Crafts with Rosemary Merry on Saturday, so if you are interested in a PINK electronic die cutting machine come and watch. I will be blogging a product overview very soon.

So tomorrow is my Birthday...and I am at that OH MY GOD halfway stage between 30 and 40...I remember my 30th birthday and that was only five years ago and so being 40 is only five years away...I should be worried, or upset or thinking I am getting old...Yes...But I am loving life too much to even begin to worry about it...I love work, I have wonderful family and friends and I am just happy with who I am so...like they say age is just a number...will leave you with my favourite pictures from a lovely pre birthday celebratory lunch with a friend today...

Cheers...Happy Birthday me...

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