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Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Todays photo challenge over at http://herspace-myspace.blogspot.com/ is Tired!

I have this fabby little fridge magnet that I bought last year...which was so hectic...just to remind me that I am only human and still have a sense of humour.

At this time I was teaching adults with learning difficulties and mental health problems, running a small business, running a house and raising four kids...and a fella...all this and studying for my Teaching qualification...was a killer year to be honest and I ended up ill, so I bought myself this magnet to make me smile!!!

This year is a lot calmer I am still busy but I have completed my teacher training and do not teach as many hours as I did, I have spare time too that I don`t have to spend cleaning or ironing!!!

Great photo challenge...reminded me of a tough time that I got through and emerged a stronger person.


Lin said...

Love the magnet. :-)

Jo said...

Well done you for coming through....what a year!! Hat's off to you!

Marjolein said...

Great!!!! I love this, so true!

Jane said...

Wow that sounds like some year! Nice photo, and a good reminder :o)

Suzie said...

LOL! Love it!

Nat xxx said...

It's a fab interpretation, although personally a little scary as I start a three year degree in teaching in September!! Ironing will be the first thing I sacrifice anyway! xxx

Ruth said...

Sometimes we need a little reminder to keep things in perspective, don't you think? Good to hear you came through after such a rough time.

Chris said...

oh I just love this :)